Pancake Recipes

French Toast Christmas Tree

This French toast Christmas tree is perfect for a holiday brunch! Use star-shaped slices of French toast to form a festive Christmas tree and decorate with powdered sugar and fresh fruit for a main dish that doubles as a centerpiece.

Christmas tree french toast made from star shaped toast.

If you’re hosting a brunch this holiday season, we have plenty of fun food ideas for your celebration. Serve up a Christmas brunch board, put together a Mimosa bar, and then make this French toast Christmas tree as the pièce de résistance. It’s a unique take on Christmas French toast that everyone will love!

This is one of those glorious holiday ideas that looks adorable on the table, but takes very little effort to make. Once the bread is cut into stars, you’ll simply follow a basic French toast recipe, then arrange the finished French toast on a platter to form a Christmas tree. Dust with powdered sugar and scatter fresh fruit over the top and you’re done.

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